Five Things That Will Happen After Having A Baby

5 things that happen after having a baby

The parenting books and blog posts I read prior to having my son, failed to mention these five new parent happenings.  Therefore, I am passing on my discoveries and yes, they are funny now but a few months ago; not so much.  Links in the post are items that we own and found useful.

One outing a day is the new normal

Gone are the days of running around town accomplishing multiple errands. With a new baby comes an extremely modified idea of what can be done in 24 hours. In fact, it is completely normal to be wiped out after a trip to the corner store. After packing a diaper bag, unexpected diaper blowouts, spit up, setting up a stroller or carrier; it’s a full day affair so try not be hard on yourself.

Rearranging furniture becomes a hobby

Babies change and grow at an exponentially fast rate. With that comes new furniture, new toys and new equipment. Since having C in March we have rearranged our living room, our bedroom and his bedroom countless times to accommodate a bassinet, a pack and play, and exesaucer, a play mat, a walker, and an organization area of toys. In the living room, we finally settled on a strange configuration where all pieces of furniture are along the perimeter of the room which although not visually interesting, it left the largest amount of open space for walking around baby items and playtime.

Teething rules the world

Take a minute and let that title soak in, because you’ll need to remember this when you’re about to pull out your hair.  I know teething is mentioned in countless books and articles, however, it can not be fully understood until it is experienced. It is the longest, ever changing and most disruptive process that will happen to your child. It’ll mess up naps, night sleep, eating, temperament and just about everything along the way. Endless teething products will be purchased, in search of regaining sanity but it’ll all only offer temporary relief. Unfortunately, only time and some experience will make it better.  Keep breathing!

Paper towels will need to be purchased in bulk

This sounds silly, I know. But for some reason we can’t keep enough paper towels in the house. Solids have pushed us over the edge and they are now on our subscription service with Amazon. As our son started solids and is teething he often likes to grab the spoon chew on it and throw it on the floor. Yes, we’ve tried  kitchen towels and cloths etc. but somehow nothing beats a paper towel, and our dog isn’t bad clean up either.

Random children’s songs will become your jam

I never thought I’d watch children’s TV with a newborn. I imagined that I wouldn’t want to cloud his little brain with television nonsense.  Haha, that didn’t last.  For my sanity and not wanting to subject our baby too crappy daytime TV, I opted on cartoons a bit in the morning and again at the end of the day.  PBS, Disney Junior and Sprout TV seem to have a few shows with catchy tunes that even my nine-month-old gets into. Therefore, throughout the day I can count on humming and singing Thomas the Train, The Number of the Day, and of course, the infamous, Hotdog Dance.  If you’re not familiar with these yet, just wait to join the fun! Hot Diggity Dog!

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Baby Booties That Won’t Fall Off

baby booties that won't fall off - the best booties for newborn babiesSince I had a baby, one of the mysteries of life has become: how to keep things on his tiny feet.  I tried countless brands of socks and booties, and every one of them seemed to find it’s way to the floor.  The baby booties that did manage to stay on, were often too tight on his tiny ankles, leaving a mark. I searched and searched until one day I finally found, booties that would not fall off.

Enter:  Zutano.  Not only are their products soft, but they do not leave any marks around the ankles.  My favorite Zutanos are the skid proof version with grippers, perfect for my now 8 month old who is pulling up on everything.

Long story short, Zutano booties are the only booties that have ever managed to stay on tiny feet!  Snag yours here and buy them for an expecting friend to become the “mom-in-the-know”.

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Sensory Balls

(C) simple baby blog

As a new mom, I do plenty of reading. Somewhere in the middle of the night, I read that sensory balls were great for children, so I bought the Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set.

At this point C is only interested in putting them in his mouth. But it does offer five minutes of fun as I let him explore (a.k.a. throw them on the floor and I pick them up) while sitting in his walker.

I did read they are good for gross motor skill development so I will keep trying!  At this point they are good for 5 minutes of fun.

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Best Natural Pacifier 

When C was first born I made my way through the usual pacifiers but once I found Natursutten, I never looked back. Luckily, it was his favorite as well.

My main deciding factors; it’s made from natural rubber (the tree) and it’s soft. After all, if he’s sleeping with it in his mouth most of the night I don’t want it to be plastic.  I also love the fact that when he rolls over on it- it will not leave a mark on his face.  Try that with any other pacifier!

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Alternative to Sophie the Giraffe


Calling all Sophie haters! Meet Zeta the Zebra by New Little Wonders.

I wasn’t a big fan of Sophie and couldn’t understand why everyone in the neighborhood was chewing on her. So, in my baby registry research, I was happy to find Zeta.

As a black and white toy, Zeta went from being visually interesting when C was only a few months old to a soft and squeaky teether.  Zeta is definitely a great gift for any mommy-to-be who wants to be a little different!

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Simple Baby Bottle Storage

It seems with every new purchase for the baby, the same problem arises:  where should I store it?

I find bottles to be particularly annoying and for the last 6 months have lived unhappily with bottle parts strewn across the kitchen counter. A few weeks ago, I had enough. I took to pinterest and although there were useful suggestions, many of them involved buying yet another container to take up even more space in my shrinking apartment. I decided I couldn’t live with another new purchase and I would use what I had.

What did I come up with? I reorganized the kitchen cabinet that housed our drinking glasses and with a bit of shifting (and donating) I cleared the bottom shelf of the most convenient upper cabinet. I then re-purposed an old silverware rack (the type that hangs on a drying rack) for nipples and things.

Now, once the bottles and parts are washed they live UNSEEN and this makes me a happy Mom!

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