Infantino Activity Triangle

infantino activity triangle review - simple baby toys

The Infantino Activity Triangle is tons of noiseless fun!  Small colorful tabs are easy to spin; one even has a sweet puppy face. With micro sized balls inside plastic tubes making soft rattling noises, beads to click and a few wheels to spin there is something on every side to hold interest.

My son adored this toy from 5 – 9 months and it still is making an occasional appearance in his toy rotation at 10.5 months with success.  Definitely 5 or more minutes of fun!

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Simple Mom Tip 1

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Babies are messy. From feeding to diapers to spit up, almost everything they do requires clean up. One thing that will keep you sane?

Cover the couch.

This one simple act will save you time and worry in the long run. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, buy a fitted sheet for the bottom cushions, it’s so easy to take off and wash!

Giveaway: Day 22 Boutique

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I am so excited to announce our first giveaway of 2017 with day 22 boutique! This shop has stylish and ethically produced gift items and in case you need another reason to support them, Day 22 is a family business run by a daughter, mother and grandmother.  Love it!

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This purple felt crown is the perfect accessory for a little one’s birthday, photo shoot or even just dress up.  One winner will receive a purple felt crown as pictured here and on the website.  It measures 20 inches, 3 inches high and fits most heads 1-10 years old with a velcro closure.

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Ready to win?  Enter HERE One winner will be randomly selected and announced on January 31, 2017.  See Instagram for details or if you can’t wait, enjoy 15% off with code SIMPLEBABY in the shop.

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Baby Booties That Won’t Fall Off

baby booties that won't fall off - the best booties for newborn babiesSince I had a baby, one of the mysteries of life has become: how to keep things on his tiny feet.  I tried countless brands of socks and booties, and every one of them seemed to find it’s way to the floor.  The baby booties that did manage to stay on, were often too tight on his tiny ankles, leaving a mark. I searched and searched until one day I finally found, booties that would not fall off.

Enter:  Zutano.  Not only are their products soft, but they do not leave any marks around the ankles.  My favorite Zutanos are the skid proof version with grippers, perfect for my now 8 month old who is pulling up on everything.

Long story short, Zutano booties are the only booties that have ever managed to stay on tiny feet!  Snag yours here and buy them for an expecting friend to become the “mom-in-the-know”.

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I will never buy a traditional onesie again

favorite newborn clothing ideas

Before you actually have a baby in hand, you’re overwhelmed by cute mittens, onesie outfits and generally dreaming of dressing the baby as if he’ll be in line with the paparazzi 24-7.  For me, I envisioned white and all neutral colors for C.  I drove everyone nuts and wouldn’t allow any blue in his budding wardrobe.

Once C arrived, focus shifted to the buttons, snaps, zippers and generally the length of time it took to get him in and out of clothing.  If you factor in messy bottles, diaper accidents, baths and pajamas, you are changing the baby A LOT.  Now that C is 6 months old, it’s no better.  Solids are a messy undertaking (more on that later).

As soon as he outgrew his first round of clothing, I was on the hunt for every side snap / kimono style onesie I could get my hands on.  Full length zippers became my jam and I knew only one thing.

I would NEVER buy a traditional onesie again.

No more pushing squirmy arms through holes and no more speed dressing in hopes of making it through without a cry.  I only buy side snap / kimono style onesies or rompers that completely button or zip from top to bottom.

It’s honestly been a game changer.  C is getting even more restless as he can now sit up and my ‘changing time’ is limited.

Where I find my favorite side snap onesies and full zip pieces 

H&M, Old Navy, UNIQLO and Carters.  I promise it’s worth the extra online searching to find what works for you and never buy a traditional onesie again!

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Sensory Balls

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As a new mom, I do plenty of reading. Somewhere in the middle of the night, I read that sensory balls were great for children, so I bought the Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set.

At this point C is only interested in putting them in his mouth. But it does offer five minutes of fun as I let him explore (a.k.a. throw them on the floor and I pick them up) while sitting in his walker.

I did read they are good for gross motor skill development so I will keep trying!  At this point they are good for 5 minutes of fun.

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Best Natural Pacifier 

When C was first born I made my way through the usual pacifiers but once I found Natursutten, I never looked back. Luckily, it was his favorite as well.

My main deciding factors; it’s made from natural rubber (the tree) and it’s soft. After all, if he’s sleeping with it in his mouth most of the night I don’t want it to be plastic.  I also love the fact that when he rolls over on it- it will not leave a mark on his face.  Try that with any other pacifier!

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The Noisy Farm Book

(C) simple baby blog - noisy farm book

When my husband brought home the Noisy Farm book I wasn’t sure what to think of it. At 3 months old would C have interest in the sounds or touching the ‘fur’?

Well, I am happy to report that 3 months later it’s still going strong!  At first, we’d hold the book in front of him, read and play the sounds as he studied it. Today at 6 months old, he stands in his walker, flips the pages himself and ‘talks’ to the animals. Sometimes I let him play on his own but mostly I read and press the buttons so he can enjoy the animal sounds. I love watching him focus in on the yellow button on the last page which plays all of animal sounds together.

Pros: The book has stood up to tons of drool, the pages are sturdy enough for him to turn without any sharp edges and now that he’s a little older the different textures of animals are starting to perk up some sensory interest.

Cons: The buttons are hidden in a patch of fur and almost hard for me to press. Not sure if he’ll ever do it on his own.

With all of this in mind, we are excited to pick up the Noisy Trucks version for the holidays!

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Rock ‘N Play to Crib Transition

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When C was first born, I had a beautiful woven bassinet on a rocker in our bedroom.  He slept swaddled there for about 2 months until I started noticing the restless kicking, tossing and turning after his night feedings.  After a bout with oral thrush and many sleepless nights, I gave into the idea that it was silent reflux and my husband brought home a Rock ‘N Play after work per my research.  Immediately C began to sleep better.  (We also tried Ranitidine but more on that later). And so the love hate affair with the Rock ‘N Play began.

About four weeks before the transfer I started to put C down for his first nap in the crib.  I tried to create a whole ritual- soft music, pacifier, little lovey and even if he slept for five minutes or not at all I did it anyway. At first, it was daunting but I kept at it.  About a week or so before, I stopped using the vibration in the Rock ‘N Play as well.

I decided a three day holiday weekend would be a good time to take the leap.  After a little internet research and some good old fashioned trial and error; we put a pillow under the mattress so he would be on an incline and rolled a very thick towel in a U-shape and placed it underneath the fitted sheet. Every three or four days we used a thinner towel in the U-shape so the little snug area was getting to be less and less. We also lowered the incline one time before going flat completely.

The first night was hard and he woke up every hour.  We tried little tweaks like making the U-shape more narrow or a different pillow size under the mattress for incline.  The second night and third night were easier but we had our moments.  Immediately, I had my husband take the Rock ‘N Play to the garage as to not be tempted to take the easy way out when we were having a bad night.  Eventually, C got the hang of it and in about 2.5 weeks he was sleeping on a flat mattress.

I am thankful for the Rock ‘N Play for getting us through what could have been more sleepless nights, but I loved seeing our tiny baby in such an open space to sleep and grow.

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Mombella Octopus Teether

mombella teether - simple baby blog

We’ve been teething.  A lot.  No sign of teeth but the drool and chewing are endless. Therefore, I took to amazon last week and purchased a cavalry of supplies.  Among them; the Mombella Octopus toy.  Not only is it cute but it’s the softest teether we own and with multiple chew points.   Basically there is something to chew on with very smoosh to the face.  At 6 months, C has better aim these days but it could have easily been used very early on as well.  Highly recommend.  Blue available HERE or check out these CUTE colors!

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