Unique Wood Toy Guide for All Ages

Simple Baby Blog Unique Wood Toy Gift Guide

I couldn’t let the holiday season pass without sharing my love for wood toys!  These also happen to be Amazon eligible, so there is time to receive, wrap and share.  Happy Shopping!

Ready To Grab

  • Wood Stacking Bowls in bright lollipop colors excite 1 years old and up
  • Circles, Squares and Triangles Shape Sorter keep little 18 month old + hands busy
  • Fly away with this sweet Airplane for 10 months and up

Ready to Roll

  • The perfect pet, a sweet Cat Pull Toy will follow your 1 year old everywhere
  • The Jr. Size Ramp Race is great for car loving tots 18+ months
  • For 3-5 year old tots ready to move around town, this Mint Scooter is perfect

Ready to Imagine

Ready to Create

  • Drum up some magic and tons of music for 1.5-4 year olds
  • Get ready for 3-5 year olds to build a master piece with this Tool Kit
  • These Rainbow Sound Blocks will be a bunch of fun for 2 – 4 year olds
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Bib Storage Solution

Baby Bib Storage Solution - Simple Baby Blog - Where to store baby bibs

Once we started solids, I began to acquire a growing number of rinse-able plastic bibs. Like the bottles, these items needed to find an organized place to live.

I found this pin; but while it answers where to store them, it did not consider how wet bibs would leave a puddle of water below. So the question is, what to do with wet bibs right after washing them?

While this idea is nothing fancy, I thought I’d share my simple solution to the problem. I purchased a Command hook and mounted it right above the sink. I made sure the hook had water resistant tape and voila, a problem was solved. The wet bibs air dry and drip into the counter and sink below.

Where do you store your growing number of bibs? I’d love to know!

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I will never buy a traditional onesie again

favorite newborn clothing ideas

Before you actually have a baby in hand, you’re overwhelmed by cute mittens, onesie outfits and generally dreaming of dressing the baby as if he’ll be in line with the paparazzi 24-7.  For me, I envisioned white and all neutral colors for C.  I drove everyone nuts and wouldn’t allow any blue in his budding wardrobe.

Once C arrived, focus shifted to the buttons, snaps, zippers and generally the length of time it took to get him in and out of clothing.  If you factor in messy bottles, diaper accidents, baths and pajamas, you are changing the baby A LOT.  Now that C is 6 months old, it’s no better.  Solids are a messy undertaking (more on that later).

As soon as he outgrew his first round of clothing, I was on the hunt for every side snap / kimono style onesie I could get my hands on.  Full length zippers became my jam and I knew only one thing.

I would NEVER buy a traditional onesie again.

No more pushing squirmy arms through holes and no more speed dressing in hopes of making it through without a cry.  I only buy side snap / kimono style onesies or rompers that completely button or zip from top to bottom.

It’s honestly been a game changer.  C is getting even more restless as he can now sit up and my ‘changing time’ is limited.

Where I find my favorite side snap onesies and full zip pieces 

H&M, Old Navy, UNIQLO and Carters.  I promise it’s worth the extra online searching to find what works for you and never buy a traditional onesie again!

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