Best Spoons for First Solid Baby Food

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When C first started solids, I went overboard and purchased all types of feeders and baby spoons.  I started to gravitate toward one spoon over and over as he would take food better with it.  When I look at the spoons he still likes the most, they all have one thing in common, they are flexible.  Here are a few of our favorites:

4- 6 months

This Munchkin silicone two pack became a fast favorite.  With a shallow spoon surface and flexible tip for tender gums, it was the clear winner.  I found the soft silicone came in handy while catching dripping food as well. Other hard plastic spoons seemed to bother C during the drip clean up around the mouth.  The only drawback; after a few feedings, the clear silicone was dyed from carrots.  This is probably normal but worth a mention.  Also, if it falls to the floor, don’t let the dog get it!  It’s not dog bite proof.

6-8 months

As C’s solids intake increased and the size of his mouth grew, I purchased the Nuby Soft Touch Spoon.  This silicone spoon also has super flexibility but larger surface for food.  I tend to like the very round shape so when C is restless and turns his head, I can still feed him from the side.  Not even kidding, he gets distracted easily these days.

On a side note, I originally purchased the Num Num Gootensils to be his first spoons (he wasn’t a personal fan, although the concept is fantastic) but once C started to grab the spoon to chew and self feed, these came in handy! With a small amount of food, they are perfect for him to gnaw on while I clean up.  He thinks he’s ‘doing something’ and the spoons are not long enough to gag him, which his regular spoons do.

Bon appetite! 

Please always consult with a pediatrician about starting solids and never leave a baby unattended with any feeding utensils. 

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