Three Toys For A 9 Month Old Under $10

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Truth be told, my husband and I didn’t buy our son any gifts for his first Christmas. Nope, not one. We decided to let him bask in the all of the toys he received from friends and family. It was more than enough and next year we will work on a tradition of giving gifts, as he understands the meaning more.

After the wrapping paper settled, a few gifts stood out as favorites to our 9 month old. My criteria for favorites: Toys that hold at least 5 minutes of attention and are interesting multiple times per day. It doesn’t hurt that these three favorites are under $10 each.

Vtech Farm Rattle

(featured above) This sweet toy is perfect for tiny hands.  My son quickly was drawn to the three flaps, moving them up and down repeatedly while intrigued with the flashing musical note.  There are two levels of volume (thank goodness) and I did not find the tune bothersome at all.  So far it’s been an amazing toy for car rides!

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Munchkin Bath Toys

I adore toys that are multi-purpose.  Not only does my son love these little animals during bath time, but I’ve been holidng one near the changing table to keep his hands busy.  At 9 months, he loves to mouth everything and there is something about the shapes of these little guys that keep him interested.

(c) simple baby blog fisher price caterpillar

Fisher Price Caterpillar

There is something about flaps the click and clack, that mesmerize little ones.  This lightweight toy has some other baby favorite features including knotted strings, beads, a mirror and squeaker.  Our son is enamored and I enjoy sitting with him counting 1, 2, 3 for a bit of learning time as well.

Do you have any favorites for 9 month olds?  Comment below, I’d love to know!

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SnoofyBee Review

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In full disclosure, I was sent a SnoofyBee in exchange for a review.  My opinion and comments below are honest and my own

I was so excited to receive the SnoofyBee changing pad and even more excited to test it out during our holiday travels.  In short, it did not disappoint!  I have included some on my favorite features below and if you purchase a SnoofyBee, use code SIMPLEBABY for a 10% discount!

So, how does it work and why is it so darn special?  It operates like a regular changing pad;  lays flat with coverage for the head and tush but it has ‘wings’ that when fastened together with velcro, create a cone like shape (see photo below). The cone, fits around baby’s upper body keeping wandering hands contained.   Sounds great right?  See the highlights below.

(c) simple baby blog - snoofybee review

Compact + Lightweight

Let’s face it, the diaper bag gets heavy with all the must haves items, so I was thrilled to find how lightweight the SnoofyBee was.  It fit easily into the bag and added no extra weight.  There was even padding for the head – such a great feature!

(c)simple baby blog - snoofybee review

Easy Closure

While we were at a restaurant, I happily packed up one diaper and the travel wipes case inside the SnoofyBee.  I used the Velcro closure to keep it all inside and carried it on my wrist.  Being able to keep the diaper bag behind made for easy baby carrying!

Handle + Buckle

Speaking of easy, I love that the strap can be buckled to the side of the diaper bag or stroller.  Let’s be honest, as neatly as you pack on the way out the door, everything comes back in a jumble.  So the buckle being able to clip onto anything at all:  priceless.

(c)simple baby blog - snoofybee review

Toy Rings

The SnoofyBee comes with 2 sturdy plastic rings which are exciting enough for little ones, but to be safe I added a few teethers.   This activity kept little wandering hands entertained while I worked on the diaper.  I will definitely be sure to change up the toys from time to time as a nice surprise, which will buy me more change time.

Easy to Clean

This is probably my number one priority when purchasing any baby related products:  ease and ability to clean.  I wiped the fabric quickly in between changes with a baby wipe and more thoroughly when I was home.  All in all, it is super simple to keep clean!

(c)simple baby blog - snoofybee review

I highly recommend the SnoofyBee. Whether traveling overnight or simply running errands, it will become an essential. It is also a wonderful gift for a new parent or even a seasoned one.  After all, anything that makes diaper changes faster and easier, is a must have item!

Snag one HERE and use code SIMPLEBABY for a 10% discount!









Holiday Gift Guide for 0-12 Months


There is nothing like selecting the perfect gift for a loved one and watching them glow with excitement.  I am looking forward to the years of joy I will have buying gifts for my son, however, my goal is to keep the toy giving to a minimum.  Therefore, this holiday gift guide for babies 0-12 months is filled with 95% of items I own, have used or have purchased for others.  I find quality and usefulness important over the newest and hottest fads in toys, as well as gender neutral options!  I hope you enjoy my selections and will please leave a comment if you found this helpful.  Happy Holidays!

holidy gift guide for babies 0-12 months - simple gift ideas for babies

Natural Babe

Wooden Camera:  Light up your little one’s creative soul with this adorable wooden camera by Little Sapling Toys

Bonnet + Bloomers:  Not an official set, however, they’d be better together – from the amazing line, Rylee and Cru

Socks:  These would be so sweet on little feet!  By Eva + Elvin and available at one of my favorite online shops, Bitte

All Natural Teether:  I am always singing the praises of the rubber pacifier my son uses, well this CaaOcho teether is in heavy rotation at our house too!

Wooden Blocks:  One of the first items on my baby registry and amazing handcrafted quality.  A must have!

holidy gift guide for babies 0-12 months - simple gift ideas for babies

Baby Blues

Play Mat:  From tummy time to play dates this mat is the most cushioned out there. Worth every penny as it is high quality and made from natural materials

Sweatshirt:  I could have put every shirt on this gift guide by Ahoy Amigo.  Their water themed handmade and hand screen printed goodness is definitely gift worthy

Bandana:  These are a must for any teething or messy baby. Simple snaps and great colors and prints! I own every color 🙂

Fabric Humpback Whale:  Under the Nile’s organic cotton toys are so soft for babies and will carry a message to older kids as this is just one of their Endangered Species series

Booties:  These booties changed my life.  More on that here.  Zutano booties are a must, as they stay on little, squirmy feet!

holidy gift guide for babies 0-12 months - simple gift ideas for babies

Minimal Mama

Growth Chart: This growth chart by Wee Gallery is simple and chic enough for even the most minimalist parent to enjoy

Ringo the Octopus:  This toy had me at black and white with skinny strings that babies enjoy exploring and completely sold me at the Beatles reference

Hello, Animals Book:  Simple and sweet board book with black and white illustrations and sparkly pops of color.  The also endearing Hello, Bugs makes is a sweet set

BumGenius Cloth Diaper:  I can’t stress enough having a week’s worth of cloth diapers on hand should diaper rash hit or to simply give that little bum a break from time to time

Arrow Swaddle:  What baby gift guide would be complete without a swaddle?  Modern Burlap has a black and white print for everyone.  I use this one to death

holidy gift guide for babies 0-12 months - simple gift ideas for babies

Colorful Kiddos

Benedict the Bunny:  With each purchase of a doll, Cuddle + Kind provides 10 meals for children in need.  A gift that helps others, nothing better than that

Melissa + Doug Bead Maze: The perfect sized bead maze for little hands!  The suction cups make it easy to keep babes occupied in the high chair while you clean up the mess!

Baby Banana Teether: This cutie was part of my favorite teether round up and it’s just too sweet not to add as a stocking stuffer

O Ball Car: The perfect first car toy for babies as it’s light, is easy to grip and the beads inside the tires seem to fascinate little ones

Noisy Farm Book:  I sang the praises of this book here and I am happy to report the interest is still huge at 8 months!

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Baby Booties That Won’t Fall Off

baby booties that won't fall off - the best booties for newborn babiesSince I had a baby, one of the mysteries of life has become: how to keep things on his tiny feet.  I tried countless brands of socks and booties, and every one of them seemed to find it’s way to the floor.  The baby booties that did manage to stay on, were often too tight on his tiny ankles, leaving a mark. I searched and searched until one day I finally found, booties that would not fall off.

Enter:  Zutano.  Not only are their products soft, but they do not leave any marks around the ankles.  My favorite Zutanos are the skid proof version with grippers, perfect for my now 8 month old who is pulling up on everything.

Long story short, Zutano booties are the only booties that have ever managed to stay on tiny feet!  Snag yours here and buy them for an expecting friend to become the “mom-in-the-know”.

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Five Favorite Teethers 4-6 Months

C started “teething” at three months and is still going strong, albeit toothless, at six months.  Therefore, I’ve gone through my fair share of teethers. Here are our five favorite teethers that got us through months four through six.

The Munch Mitt is a cute glove that crinkles while babies chew their mitt covered hand.  Although he will not let me put it on his hand anymore (too squirmy) it’s still a favorite for it’s bumpy textured tip and crinkly noise.

The Zoli rabbit has been going strong for months. This is a consistent favorite and for some reason he even likes to chew the handle. I should note that on the younger side he would gag himself from time to time – but he didn’t mind one bit!

The Nuby Silicone Teether is a flexible favorite.  As one of our first attempts at a teething toy; it was an instant hit.  He loved to chew in the area with small bristles.  I imagine it’s like giving soar gums a much needed massage.

Oh, the infamous Banana Baby toothbrush teether. Just like all the reviews promise, C loves it. It’s so easy for him to hold and I’d like to think that one day he won’t be afraid of a toothbrush because of it.

Last but not least, the Bright Starts Twist and Teeth was a gift. I don’t think I would’ve thought to purchase it but with it’s colorful textured surface it was an immediate hit at four months. He likes to move the little beads around and because of its shape it’s very easy to hold. I do find him chewing on the face a lot which I don’t think is the most comfortable but he tends to like it!

Special note:  one of our most recent purchases, the Mombella octopus is so special it deserved its own blog post, read about it here.

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Best Natural Pacifier 

When C was first born I made my way through the usual pacifiers but once I found Natursutten, I never looked back. Luckily, it was his favorite as well.

My main deciding factors; it’s made from natural rubber (the tree) and it’s soft. After all, if he’s sleeping with it in his mouth most of the night I don’t want it to be plastic.  I also love the fact that when he rolls over on it- it will not leave a mark on his face.  Try that with any other pacifier!

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The Noisy Farm Book

(C) simple baby blog - noisy farm book

When my husband brought home the Noisy Farm book I wasn’t sure what to think of it. At 3 months old would C have interest in the sounds or touching the ‘fur’?

Well, I am happy to report that 3 months later it’s still going strong!  At first, we’d hold the book in front of him, read and play the sounds as he studied it. Today at 6 months old, he stands in his walker, flips the pages himself and ‘talks’ to the animals. Sometimes I let him play on his own but mostly I read and press the buttons so he can enjoy the animal sounds. I love watching him focus in on the yellow button on the last page which plays all of animal sounds together.

Pros: The book has stood up to tons of drool, the pages are sturdy enough for him to turn without any sharp edges and now that he’s a little older the different textures of animals are starting to perk up some sensory interest.

Cons: The buttons are hidden in a patch of fur and almost hard for me to press. Not sure if he’ll ever do it on his own.

With all of this in mind, we are excited to pick up the Noisy Trucks version for the holidays!

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Mombella Octopus Teether

mombella teether - simple baby blog

We’ve been teething.  A lot.  No sign of teeth but the drool and chewing are endless. Therefore, I took to amazon last week and purchased a cavalry of supplies.  Among them; the Mombella Octopus toy.  Not only is it cute but it’s the softest teether we own and with multiple chew points.   Basically there is something to chew on with very smoosh to the face.  At 6 months, C has better aim these days but it could have easily been used very early on as well.  Highly recommend.  Blue available HERE or check out these CUTE colors!

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