Infantino Activity Triangle

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The Infantino Activity Triangle is tons of noiseless fun!  Small colorful tabs are easy to spin; one even has a sweet puppy face. With micro sized balls inside plastic tubes making soft rattling noises, beads to click and a few wheels to spin there is something on every side to hold interest.

My son adored this toy from 5 – 9 months and it still is making an occasional appearance in his toy rotation at 10.5 months with success.  Definitely 5 or more minutes of fun!

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Sensory Balls

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As a new mom, I do plenty of reading. Somewhere in the middle of the night, I read that sensory balls were great for children, so I bought the Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set.

At this point C is only interested in putting them in his mouth. But it does offer five minutes of fun as I let him explore (a.k.a. throw them on the floor and I pick them up) while sitting in his walker.

I did read they are good for gross motor skill development so I will keep trying!  At this point they are good for 5 minutes of fun.

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This post contains affiliate links.