simple baby blog

Just a first time mom trying to raise a baby ‘simply’ in a world of over stimulating toys and such.

While pregnant, I had visions of a babe in a handwoven bassinet playing exclusively with wooden toys.  Of course, I’d capture it all and post pinterest-worthy photos of the beautiful simplicity.  Ha.  Life always has other plans.  The bassinet went to storage when reflux hit and we became a member of ‘team rock n play’ since C needed sleep, and well, so did I.   We still have wooden toys but I’ve made room in my life for some well chosen colorful plastic ones as well.

Simple baby with some real life comprises.  That about sums up my parenting style.

All photos on this blog are my own unless otherwise noted and credited.  Please do not use these photos without permission; it’s in bad taste and not so legal.  Thank you!