How To Clean Baby Bottles

How to clean baby bottles

I had bottles sterilized and ready to go when my son was born but I never gave much thought on how I would clean baby bottles day to day. Milk can spoil quickly and after C had a bought with oral thrush early on, I realized I needed to pay close attention.

Here is what I learned about baby bottle cleaning.

What to Clean With

First, invest in a bottle brush that also has a rubberized nipple brush. I had a nipple brush that was made of metal and it began to rust; which wasn’t quite sanitary for cleaning baby bottles.  Be sure to keep an eye on bottle brushes with sponge tips; these need air to dry out and will probably need ton extra replaced every few months according to wear.

The Best Soap

Next, purchase organic pure Castile liquid soap. I was vaguely familiar with it and the nurses at the hospital sang its praises. It has since become a staple in our home, as it can be used for cleaning countless things, naturally and is my go to when cleaning baby bottles.

Boil It Up

Lastly, be sure you have a large stainless steel pot in hand. Bottles take up space and a small sauce pan just won’t cut it. Invest in a good pot for cleaning lots of bottles!

How To Do It

As for cleaning, it’s fairly simple. Use warm to hot water with Castile soap and lather up the bottles, nipples and any various parts. Scrub well with the bottle and nipple brushes and rinse to a squeaky clean. Let air dry completely before use. I also highly recommend boiling bottles once a week for 2-5 minutes (check with the bottle manufacturer for exact instructions) to help keep things sanitary.

Most importantly don’t get lazy! Remember formula and milk spoils fast and a simple rinse will not do.

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