3 Surprising First Solid Foods for Baby

first solid foods for baby ideas

As we navigated cereals around 5 months, I started to do some research on some organic solids for C.  As much as I’d like to make my own, I know my limitations.  Luckily, with organic brands like Happy Baby, Earth’s Best and Plum Organics; there are some really good options to choose from.

While C tried and liked the usual suspects; bananas, pears, apples, sweet potatoes and carrots I was pleasantly surprised at his reaction to a few items I bought on a whim!  Note:always follow your pediatrician’s guidelines and advice for starting your baby on solids. 


I had no idea mangoes were a first food and was thrilled when C slammed his hand on the high chair with excitement.  The Happy Baby Mango tends to be his favorite.  And yes, you’ll want to have an extra pack on hand to eat yourself.


Definitely a favorite of mine, I was so excited to see C gobble it up!  While we’ve tried a few blends, the Hello Morning Quinoa and Pear from Plum remains his favorite!


While there isn’t a plain kale option, C’s two favorite blends are packed with Kale.  Spinach, Apples and Kale and Pears, Kale and Spinach from Happy Baby are regulars on his menu.

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