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(c) simple baby blog - diapers for 0-6 montsIn my initial diaper research, I bumped into Baby Gear Lab and immediately became obsessed with their website.  Not only did they test a myriad of products in a single category but they were rated and each had detailed, unbiased opinions.  It was there that I decided on using Bambo Nature diapers when C was born.

I received some comments from friends and family about the ‘expensive’ diapers on my registry.  For me, it was an important decision – especially the first few months – to use the softest and most natural diapers available.  And we did.  They were perfect for delicate newborn skin and we never had one messy accident.  I continued to use the diapers exclusively until 2.5 months, when I decided to experiment a bit.

First up, was Seventh Generation.  Although these diapers were extremely natural and less expensive than Bambo, I couldn’t get past their texture.  They were rough feeling and stiff.  I did however, find them absorbent and liked the light brown dye free color.  I made my way through 2 small packs but never went back.

At about 3 months I came across an instagram ad for Parasol Co.; a new company offering a monthly service with super cute designs.  I was enticed by a $20 discount for my first order and gave it a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised with the softness and using the cute prints daily, made me smile.  Parasol Co. diapers were similar to Bambo in texture, just the slightest bit less soft.  By our third order we started to have some accidents, but I think we might have just been ready for the next size.  I paused the monthly order to do some further exploration and even tried cloth diapers – more on that later.

Next, I picked up a box of Huggies Little Movers, Honest Diapers and Babyganics.  Of course, I was drawn to the cute patterns of Honest diapers, which I found to be exactly like Parasol in texture and Babyganics were almost exactly like Bambo.  However, I can’t deny from the first use of Huggies I was sold.  They were SO absorbent.  Babyganics caused a few leak accidents and if there was pee and poop, it was a disaster.  Honest diapers were better with only one random leak accident but what sealed the deal?  Costco carried Huggies Little Movers and so did my local drugstore.

I truly value the natural aspect of diapers and will probably always continue to dabble with Honest, however currently at six months the winner for absorbency, value and texture is Huggies Little Movers.  Absolutely, no one is more surprised with this than me!  Yet, as I’ve mentioned, I am trying to have a ‘simple’ baby experience and sometimes convenience can push the balance of other preferences.  At least for me.

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