Rock ‘N Play to Crib Transition

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When C was first born, I had a beautiful woven bassinet on a rocker in our bedroom.  He slept swaddled there for about 2 months until I started noticing the restless kicking, tossing and turning after his night feedings.  After a bout with oral thrush and many sleepless nights, I gave into the idea that it was silent reflux and my husband brought home a Rock ‘N Play after work per my research.  Immediately C began to sleep better.  (We also tried Ranitidine but more on that later). And so the love hate affair with the Rock ‘N Play began.

About four weeks before the transfer I started to put C down for his first nap in the crib.  I tried to create a whole ritual- soft music, pacifier, little lovey and even if he slept for five minutes or not at all I did it anyway. At first, it was daunting but I kept at it.  About a week or so before, I stopped using the vibration in the Rock ‘N Play as well.

I decided a three day holiday weekend would be a good time to take the leap.  After a little internet research and some good old fashioned trial and error; we put a pillow under the mattress so he would be on an incline and rolled a very thick towel in a U-shape and placed it underneath the fitted sheet. Every three or four days we used a thinner towel in the U-shape so the little snug area was getting to be less and less. We also lowered the incline one time before going flat completely.

The first night was hard and he woke up every hour.  We tried little tweaks like making the U-shape more narrow or a different pillow size under the mattress for incline.  The second night and third night were easier but we had our moments.  Immediately, I had my husband take the Rock ‘N Play to the garage as to not be tempted to take the easy way out when we were having a bad night.  Eventually, C got the hang of it and in about 2.5 weeks he was sleeping on a flat mattress.

I am thankful for the Rock ‘N Play for getting us through what could have been more sleepless nights, but I loved seeing our tiny baby in such an open space to sleep and grow.

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